There are two parts to developing nonverbal rapport: matching/resonating (or echoing) and leading. Matching is the process of moving as the partner moves so as to acknowledge aspects of the partner's behavior as a reflection of the state s/he is in. You can match anything you can notice—movements, gestures, pacing, rhythm, facial expression.

Leading is using the interpersonal synchrony that has been established and communicated through matching. This is changing direction, pacing, or rhythm with your partner. Change is easier to follow when two or more dancers are resonating. People in rapport are motivated to try to stay that way, and a leading motion by one person is quite likely to produce a reciprocal response in the other.

Leading invites your partner to move with your moves rather than feeling rushed or coerced into them. If led too fast or too dramatically, however, rapport may be interrupted. Recover it by returning to matching. 

Obviously, getting into nonverbal rapport is easier with some people than with others. When one dancer approaches another s/he enjoys, matching or resonating is effortless and usually unconscious. It’s important to prepare for partnering wih those that have opposite styles, to match or echo some of the prospective partner's style.

Matching and leading are occurring all the time. If you are not aware of the structure of rapport, people may lead you into a less useful physical, and thus emotional, states of mind and feelings. Most people experience this —a depressed or anxious person can be a drain who leaves you wondering what happened to your initial energetic and optimistic state of mind.

Remember that there are two parts to interactional synchrony. You need to be willing to behaviorally match, (or 'follow') the other person, experience what he or she may be feeling, and then lead yourself (and hopefully your partner) into a an expanded dance.

And it is best to make it your priority just to 'find, '(match) and join someone. This alone, is incredibly healing. Be unattached to leading, and it will emerge naturally if you just hold the intention of expansion, and allow your own body wisdom to express itself. 

--written by Harmony (adapted from an article I found on a website for veterinarians!)

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